Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charity Work

Hello, everyone. We would like to welcome you to visit Siem Reap. It's a small province of Cambodia, with a population of 1 million people. It's located in northwest of the country. This province has its city called Siem reap city with a population of two hundred thousand people. It's less crowded and more peaceful. The people here are kind and have beautiful smiles. Most of them are Buddhist, but they don't discriminate against other religions.

This provinces has its own tourist attractions such as acient both Buddist and hindu temples surrounding by forest and lakes, waterfalls, mountains, bird sanctuary, floating villages, and stilted villages in Tonle Sap lake. Besides that, you can see a local market and meet people to get to know them and know how they make a living in their community. You need a tour guide to go around if you want to know the detail of each place or temple.

Why choose us?
1. A group of professional tour guides with official licenses from the government. 2. Know the best time to visit the temples. 3. Know how to avoid the crowd, 4. Know good spots for photos, 5. Know to how to take good photos.6. Our stories make stones smile and make you feel like living there. You can hear and see the past.9. Our profit is to support our family and to put back into our community. we help the helpless and hopeless people, the orphans and the blind. 10. We don't discriminate against any religions, gays and lesbians. 11. We provide you with safety and comfort during your stay.

Please contact us:
1. Our e-mail:
2. Our contact number: +85512806262.
3. You can book it directly online.

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