This gentle cycle ride gives you the chance to explore the hidden wonders of the Angkor complex, travelling along magical jungle paths and dirt roads only accessible by bike. We developed this unique route specifically to avoid the throngs of tourists, and it’s become our most popular temple tour. In-between the main sights, there is often not another soul in sight.

We start the day early (7AM), transporting you to the temple complex by vehicle and then cycling to the stunning, jungle-clad temple of Ta Phrom. You’ll see how the tentacle-like tree roots are slowly strangling the surviving stones. It’s an evocative sight. Admire the temple in the early morning light and with fewer people around than later in the day. Our journey continues with a tour of Ta Nei temple in the hidden place in the rest. The move of the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom. Then move to  the Terrace of Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King and to the center of the city  where we see the smiling faces of the Bayon temple. Then move on to the west gate, ride on the wall to the south gate of Angkor Thom.

 After an early lunch we visit the spectacular Angkor Wat. During this time of the day the crowds are at a minimum letting you view this amazing structure at its most serene. If at any time you have had enough of cycling, we can relieve you of your bicycle and continue the tour in the support vehicle, which will never be far away, with copious supplies of ice cold bottled water available.

(Please note:  1- While We have developed our own route, please discuss with your guide your expectations. We are happy to provide adventuresome cycling, single-track or a more sedate route. A child seat will be provided for Cillian.  2- The itinerary above is for the full day.   

Please e-mail us for the price. Please let us know how many people will be on this tour ( any kids and how old) and your hotel name so that we will work out a proper time to leave your hotel for the tour.

The price for one day tour

 1-3 people

4-5 people

 6-10 people




The tour included:
  • A/C vehicle with petrol ( The driver and tour guide could be the same person if he uses his own car. This is to help them to get better paid for this hard work).
  • Enlish-speaking Tour Guide 
  • Cold drinking Water
  • Cold Towels (for face and hands, Sorry not for your feet)
The tour doesn't include:

  • 1 day Temple Pass $37 /pax ( Subject to change if the authority does).
  • hotel room
  • meals
  • Tip if you like the service.

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