At 7: 30 AM, transporting you to the temple complex by a Car / minivan and then, visit the spectacular Angkor Wat. During this time of the day the crowds are at a minimum letting you view this amazing structure at its most serene.

Then head north to see Basei ChamKrong built in 947 AD by Harshavarman I and completed by Rajendravarman II, dedicated to Siva (Hindu) as a pyramid temple, which it has a similar plan to a Pyramid in the ancient Maya city of Tikal in around 741 AD in Central America. Then move to smiling-face Bayon temple standing right in the middle of Angkor Thom, the ancient city with a population of about 300,000 people in thirteenth century. Later on, visit the dead gate of Angkor Thom where they made tomb raider movie in 2001.

Have lunch locally.

After lunch break, visit jungle-clad temple of Ta Prohm. You’ll see how the tentacle-like tree roots are slowly strangling the surviving stones. It’s an evocative sight.

Heading back to the hotel.




The price 

1 person

 2 people

3 people

4 people



$35/ pax


$ 30/ pax

Please ask

The tour includes:

·  Car with A/C/ mini van

·  English-speaking Tour Guide 

·  Cold drinking Water

The tour doesn't include:

·  1 day Temple Pass $37/pax .

·  hotel room

·  meals

·  Tip if you like the service.

·  If you wish to see sunrise, there will be some extra $20 ( for small group) and you will start at 4:45 am.

Note: Please wear proper clothes for temple visit If you wear shorts and t-shirt, please make sure they are long enough to cover your knees and shoulders. You have lunch near the temples with the advice of the tour guide for time and place. You can spend USDs here, but we don't accept torn and old notes.

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