Why travel with our tour guide team? Some photos of our tour with clients:

  • A group of professional tour guides with many year experiences 
  •  Know the best time to visit the temples
  •  Know how to avoid the crowded
  •  Know good spots for photos
  •  Know to how to take good photos 
  • Support local tour guides
  •  Our stories make stones smile
  •  We support an orphanage
  •  We help the blind community and poor people here.
HAT was created by a group of professional tour guides in Siem Reap. This tour is to assist and lead the tourists to enjoy their trip with reasonable price.

Our tour guides have been working here in Siem Reap for many years. They own tour guide licenses from the government. They can take tourists in Siem Reap and some other provinces nearby.

Hi everyone. My name is HORNG Bunleat ( in tour guide's uniform and sunglasses on)  and I am the founder of this group. I have been working as a tour guide for 11 years here. I am so happy to meet you guys and show you to our cultures here.

Hello. My name is Sothorn .


Hello! I am Borey Hang. I am a tour guide here.

Hi. My name is Vanny. 

Hello everyone. My name is Lin Sokdara and I am a driver.

My name is Hour Sokkung  and I am a tour guide in Siem Reap.
Hope to see you here. 

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