Why travel with our tour guide team? Some photos of our tour withe clients:

  • A group of professional tour guides with many year experiences 
  •  Know the best time to visit the temples
  •  Know how to avoid the crowded
  •  Know good spots for photos
  •  Know to how to take good photos 
  • Support local tour guides
  •  Our stories make stones smile
  •  We support an orphanage
  •  We help the blind community.

HAT was created by a group of professional tour guides in Siem Reap. This tour is to assist and lead the tourists to enjoy their trip with reasonable price.

Our tour guides have been working here in Siem Reap for many years. They own tour guide licenses from the government. They can take tourists in Siem Reap and some other provinces nearby.

Hello. My name is Sothorn and I was born as a destitute country bumpkin boy. Never ever have I imagined who and what am I right now who work as a tour guide and joined as a part times volunteer in my college to deliver the gifts to poor student’s background and build the ruined road at community. I am a college student at PUC Siem Reap campus which is major in ESL (English as a Second Language). I also graduated and hold a Bachelor degree of Khmer History.      Back to my childhood, in my community there are twelve villages about 6000 villagers and also had about 200 to 300 children. It was very few children from this community had opportunity to get education especially finished high school degree. At that time had about 65 children in primary school, 10 children in secondary, 8children in high school and 3 students in university. I was one of these three children who have university degree.      + Why didn't my villagers  send their children to school?      -because some people thought we were born in farmer family, so our children also farmers.      -some thought we were poor because of our fate.      -some said we wanted to send our kids to school, but poverty was an obstacle.            In my dream when I grew up I want to see people send their children to school, and so far haven’t I seen one.      -This why I joined as a team to build social humanitarian massage by blind and poor community.      


Hello. My Name's Sophai Cham . I am an English speaking tour guide for Siem Reap and another location in Cambodia , officially licensed by Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism.
 I have been doing this job since 2006, leading both small and big group tours for visitors from all around the globe because I love sharing my rich history culture and civilizations to foreigners, this job has really taught me a lot to become a professional tour guide. In the response to my successful job, I don't forget to thanks to my parents and friends who financially and encouragingly . Now we are have a team to build up massage shop for the blind and the unprivileged.What's a reason of building massage for the blind and the unprivileged?+ The first thing I would like to help them to have a good job to support the family.+ I would like to educate them by training them to be skill and professional masseurs.
+ I don't want to ignore them and I would like to give them and children a better opportunity in the future.
+ And last thing I would like to reduce the poverty and the violence at home or in the village by sharing them a job.

Hi everyone, My name is Lin VuthaI was born inkampong thom province on 10th of November 1988. I am a tour driver and I have worked for Happy Angkor Wat Tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia for 2 years. Now I am studying English At ACE Siem Reap and I hope my English language will be better in the next two years and I will upgrade myself to be a tour guide.For me the reasons that make me to join as a team to run the massage shop by the blind and the unprivileged are in the below.+ To get some experiences about running this shop.+ To help the blind and the unprivileged to have a proper job to do.+ To make some profit to support my study.
Hello! I am Borey Hang. I was born in 1980 in Kok Krosaing village, Svay Dongkum commune, Siem
Reap, Cambodia. I have a big family with 4 sisters and 1 brother, I am in number 3. My family was rice farmer, after I married I move to my wife’s family , they are teacher 
I studied at Wat Chork Primary school from ?- 1995, then to Hun Sen Wat Svay high School and I was graduate in 2003. I haven’t go to University yet. I worked as tuk tuk driver but I the job I like most was work for group of international archaeologists from Sydney University GAP for 5 years. I was a supervisor and translater for them and also I helped translating for many PHD students from Sydney University. I married in 2008 and now we have two sons. I was trained and license by Cambodian ministry of tourism in 2008, and I have became professional tour guide at Angkor archaeological Park.
I like to be a member of Happy Angkor Wat Massage by the blind and unprivileged. There are many blind people begging for money everyday in Cambodia which most of them were lead way by their small kids. I feel sad I think the kids should go to school. Our goal is to help blind people to get them skill and bring them sustainable income so they can look after their family and get their children go to school for better future.

Hi. My name is Vanny and I am an English-speaking tour guide for Siem Reap area. I
came from one of the big family in Cambodia. I am one of ten and I was born in refugee camp near Cambodian-Thai border. I was living through poverty so I don't want to see such a bad thing here anymore. Luckily, no one in my family is blind. I feel very sad to see them blind. I wish they could see the world like us. Most of them live in poverty and abandoned. They beg in the street for their lives. Cambodia gets one of the highest rate of the blind as many as 144 000. This affects by some diseases which blind them such as chicken poxes, measles.. Some other come from landmines, cluster bombs, un exploded artillery of the civil war. There isn't much job opportunity  for the blind. Now our team sets up a massage shop so that the blind and unprivileged could have access to employment, health care, education & accessibility.Finally, I hope you can join this by supporting us. Just come and have a massage at Happy Angkor Wat massage and spa to reduce the poverty. Many thanks.

Hi everyone. My name is Soy Sokdat, Male, and I am now 28 years-old.I was born on 09 November 1986 in Banteay Meanchey province. I am now living in Boeung Donpa village, Slor kram commune, Siem Reap district, Siem Reap province.My photo is a guy on the left hand side.EDUCATION1995-2000: Osnguot Primary school2001-2002: Phnom Thom Socondary school2003: Phreah In Kohsa Secondary school2004-2006: 10 January High School
WORKED EXPERIENCE2006-2008: worked as a Tuk Tuk driver at Pavillon Indochine2008-2014: Worked as English Speaking Tour Guide.EXPECTATIONI have decided to join my team of 11 people in order to set up a place call "Happy Angkor Wat Massage & Spa" have a massage by the blind and unprivileged. I am very excited to do this because I could help the people who are waiting for this opportunity by providing jobs to those and build up their standard of living and new hopes. Having a massage is to treat your painful parts of your whole body also stress-less. The payment goes to someone who doesn't have chance to get it, " the betterment of the world can be pure and goodly deeds".

Background:Name: Veasna Im, birth of date 14 Oct 1982 in Kompongcham Province.Studied at BBU which's field faculty of Management between 2006-2010.Job experience: worked as housekeeping manager 5 years at hotel between 2004-2009, and English tour guide from 2010 until now.Hobby like reading book, watch TV.My opinion:The war in Cambodia  lasted many years that's killed almost 3 million people. Now day there are lots of people are living in poverty, especially land-mine victims who's injured by millions land-mine that remained from the civil war and indochina war. There are almost 50000 amputees, no legs, no arms, blind,.......etc. Most of them are living in hopeless because they don't have enough foods, money and we all ignore them.In my opinion, this world is not only belong to me and your it's for all of us, so we should share our happiness and social help to these victims if we all ignore them who's care for them, and if we were them how do you feel?Blind massage can help blind people because I think there are two most important parts of disabled life are being able to work and getting a job, otherwise they also cannot survive. Even I cannot help all victims but I can help some blind people because this way can provide them job, and bring them hope in their life. They will get training, job, salary, accommodation, foods ,.....etc. But all we can do unless we get your support. Please don't forget us during you are in Siem Reap. If you think this is the solution to help them please go to get a very good massage from our place, Happy Angkor Massage and Spa, you will get the most experience in your life because not only you get a professional massage from our staff, but also you help blind people. Our place very clean, comfortable, friendly staff which's experienced many year waiting to welcome you. You will happy and get the most experience from us. The blind people will have better life that's start from you.Last but not least, blind people really need help from you, so when you see our website please don't ignore us.

Hello everyone. My name is Lin Sokdara and I am from Kompong Thom province. I hold a bachelor of Khmer literature and history. Now I am working in Siem Reap province in one local tour agency in Siem Reap province. Why do I decide to join Happy Angkor Wat massage and spa? 1. I want to help the blind by providing them with good jobs.2. I want to help the low/ none educated people from the countryside.3. I get some experience as a shareholder and work in this company.4. I get some profit to support my family.

Chom reap sour (hi), my name is Bunvath. I was born in Siem Reap Angkor, in 1984 but i grew up in Sisophon near the Thai border. I am one of the English tour guides from Happy Angkor Wat Tour. I had succesfully completed the Specail Tourist Guide training course since 2005. However I've been a tour guide for six years. 
My colleagues and I have decided to run a business, Massage shop by the blind and the unprivileged.Why did I decide to do it?I realized the country has been changing dramatically. Thousands of hectares of forest are being cut down. The Tonle Sap, one of the world's largest fresh water lake in Southeast Asia is being overfished so poverty is still a huge problem. One more thing, the situation in the country, economically, socially, differs widely from one area to another.  In addition, we can imagine how they have been affected by the last twenty years civil war and landmind. Thus thousands of women are leaving from their villages to work in the city and moving illegally to work in Thailand. There are lots of street people that they're living and working on the street that most of them are victims of landmind. 
One of the vast important purposes of Happy Angkor Wat massage has been providing, training them to be professional masseurs, and providing stable jobs.
Back to my personal story: I am not a classic tour guide but I also an adventure tour guide, trekking and cycling. It is a very tough job but I really love it. Actually, after my adventure tour I always go for a massage, to relax or reduce pain in my muscles. In my view, massage is a good business because it keep people heathy however it is my first business. I am absolutely passionate about this cause and I have decided to go to this route because I feel that this is the way I will have the greatest positive impact on the everyday lives of my fellow Cambodians and reduce poverty.If you would to help us and be part of this effort, please come and visit us at Happy Angkor Wat massage by the blind and the privileged. I sincerely recommend Happy Angkor Wat massage by the blind and the unprivileged to everybody interested in understanding the conditions of the blind and the unprivileged in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia, I looking forward to seeing you here, of course, to move towards a better future.

My name is Hour Sokkung and I used to work for a hotel for 6 years and now since 2008, I have been working as a tour guide. I am happy to join this team work because I like the culture of sharing.
What I like to do the best for the tourists is to make smile and happy.

Hope to see you here. 
Our e-mail:happyangkorwattour@gmail.com
Our contact number: (+855)883555597

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