Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charity Work

Hello, everyone. My name is Bunleat Horng and I have been working as a tour guide since 2008. I have set up a team of professional tour guides to show all tourists around Angkor temples. We know the detail of each temple and we can also take you out to a remote area to see the temples there. Tourism creates a great deal of work for the local and we are so grateful that you have supported our work so far. We have received the certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame for five consecutive years. Our hard work has pushed us up to the top point.

During COVID 19, I went to live and work in Sydney, Australia for two years. It's such a great opportunity for me to learn from this period.

Now I have returned to resume my work again as the tourists have started to travel again.
I hope to see you here and can tell you about our great ancestors and their beliefs which led them to built hundreds of temples throughout the Khmer empire. There is so much time to tell you....Please come to the right person, right team who can tell you about this.

Why choose us?
1. You will meet the right professional tour guide team.
2. Know the best time to visit the temples.
3. Know how to avoid the crowd,
4. Know good spots for photos,
5. Know to how to take good photos.
6. We not only show the temples, but also make you feel like living in the past.
7. Our profit is to support our family and to put back into our community. we help the helpless and hopeless people, the orphans and the blind.
8. We don't discriminate against any religions, gays and lesbians.
9. We provide you with safety and comfort during your stay. We treat you like friends.

We supported many things before. We opened a message parlor by the blind ( already closed). We offered free English classes up to 300 students ( Sadly closed during COVID 19) and the orphans too.

Our work was recognized by former president Barack Obama.
We have done some charity work to support the poor kids and orphans here by providing them with bikes so that they can cycle to school. Our clients' children collected some money from their primary school and then came here on the tour with us. We went to buy second-hand bikes and took them to the orphanage. On their return to USA, their kid wrote a letter President Barack Obama about their work with us here and the president was so delighted and wrote a letter back to them about it.
My client wrote to me" I should also tell you that our 6th grade son Colin-wrote about our trip to the orphanage for a school project and received a letter from President Obama to recognize his involvement in an international service project. It was quite a surprise! The even better news is that our local newspaper wrote an article about it and we were able to get some free publicity for you/the orphanage. Our hope is that even more people in our community will help support your efforts.
The newspaper below is about Colin's work with the orphanage in Siem Rep, Cambodia. He is from St. Hilary, a small Catholic school nar San Francisco.

Please contact us:
1. Our e-mail:
2. Our contact number: +(855)12806262.
3. You can book it directly online.

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